Country Series


  1. Horses must be trained by a Registered NSW Trainer, and have a stable return lodged with HRNSW 28 days prior to the close of nominations for the respective Heat nominated for.
  2. Horses must be stabled 100km or more by shortest road distance from Club Menangle.
    a) The HRNSW Handicapping Panel will adjudicate on this aspect.
    b) However, at the discretion of the Directors of the Club Menangle horses trained on the fringe of the 100klm distance may be included, though only on application to the Club Menangle and subsequent approval.
  3. The Trainer of the horse(s) which have qualified for a Final must remain as the Trainer for the Final and likewise the horse must be stabled at the Trainer’s registered stables up to the respective Final.
  4. A horse that wins a Heat or qualifies for the Final cannot compete in another Heat for that series.
  5. A horse that qualifies for a Final cannot compete in another other TPM-WHF series run in conjunction with the series for which it has qualified.
  6. A horse that wins a Final cannot compete in another series for Financial Year 2012/13 – that is July 2012 through to June 2013.
  7. The first and second placed horses in each respective Heat qualify for the respective Finals.
  8. If less than 5 heats are conducted or a Heat is abandoned immediately before a Final the two third placed horses from the Heats conducted by date closest to the Final will qualify for the Final and so on.
  9. Reserves will be drawn for the Finals and will be the two third placed horses in order from the Heats conducted by date closest to the Final.
  10. The Unfulfilled Engagement Rule will apply with respect to the Heats. That is a horse which has a start in a Heat of the series will be the first ballot for a subsequent Heat of the series if the first Heat has not been conducted prior to acceptances for the second Heat.
  11. All Finals will carry a Career Penalty only.
  12. The Club Menangle reserve the absolute right to alter/change the conditions of this series without notice.